LIFE GROUPS: It is our desire that every adult attendee is meeting with at least one other person on a regular basis for the purpose of prayer, care, and spiritual growth. We believe involvement in a group is a vital part of a growing Christian life. These groups become like an extended family providing support, encouragement, laughs and a place to work our life-and-God issues.   More…
NURSERY MINISTRY: The nursery is for children, birth to 3 years of age, and are divided between three rooms: Babies/sleeping/nursing room; 1 year olds; and 2 and 3 year olds. Each Sunday we have an assigned manager who is in charge. We welcome you to bring your young children to our nursery to be cared for during Sunday morning worship and Sunday school.
  50’s & MORE MINISTRY: If you are on or about 50 years of age and your kids are in high school or out of the house, come join our group of caring, sharing and fellowship. The 50’s & More typically meet the third Saturday of each month for a meal, games, praying, singing, and good conversation. Watch the calendar for specific details for each monthly event. More…
CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: As a church reaching out to many families in our family-oriented community, children’s ministry is a strong value at Liberty. This ministry covers newborns through fifth-graders. Many activities include special events, Hidden Acres Summer Camp, backyard clubs and opportunities for children to grow and develop with God and each other.
1COLLEGE MINISTRY: Our College Adults Ministry meets during the Sunday school hour and is a very relational class where participation and discussion is highly encouraged. Check out the calendar for our upcoming events throughout the year.
AWANA MINISTRY: Awana is based on scripture memory and will help your child grown in their knowledge of the Word and the Gospels. This program is designed for Preschool to 6th grade children. More…
MISSIONS COMMISSION: The Missions Commission exists to help send individuals from within and outside our church family to demonstrate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of love with the ultimate goal of introducing individuals to Jesus Christ, equip them in the faith and establish churches that have the same aim.
SUNDAY SCHOOL: Sunday School allows children through adults opportunities to meet on a Sunday morning to open and learn from the bible practical guidance in real life situations. Children are taught great themes and stories of the Bible by a committed, capable and caring team.
  WORSHIP MINISTRY: Worship teams at Liberty lead the congregation during Sunday morning in elements of the service such as singing, scripture, prayer, special music, drama, etc. to prepare worshipers hearts to be open to the preaching of God’s Word.
Our 7th & 8th Grade group meets on Wednesday Nights from 6:30pm-8pm. You will find lots of energy & enthusiasm coming from our Junior High Bunch! Our goal is to challenge these kids to make their faith personal. We hope to accomplish this through our teaching & discussion based small groups & various activities throughout the year. More…
  SOUND/AV MINISTRIES: Members of the Sound/AV ministry serve to enhance the quality of the church services. The Sound team sets-up the microphones, instruments, and mixes the sound/lighting during the service. The AV team creates the computer slide show that incorporates song lyrics and the pastor’s message notes and then projects it during the service.
  SR. HIGH MINISTRIES: Our Sr. High (9/12th) meets on Sunday Nights from 6-8pm. We get together for the purpose of enjoying each other through games & small group relationships. Worshipping God through songs & drawing closer to Jesus through His Word. It is an exciting, upbeat atmosphere where students are loved, accepted for who they are & where they are at on their journey & challenged to deepen their walk with Jesus. More…
MEN’S MINISTRY: Liberty E-Free has many opportunities for men. These would include Bible studies, construction teams, retreats and more. There’s also a Friday Morning Bible Study(6am), Saturday Morning Bible Study (7am) and a Wednesday Night Men’s Discipleship (6:30pm) at the Church. All men are welcome! You can come to one or attend all sessions!
LIBRARY MINISTRY: Come and browse awhile, relax and curl up on the couch with a good book from our church library. The library has something for everyone; cassettes, videos, over 6000 (fiction and non-fiction), books on tape, and we’re beginning a collection of DVD’s.
WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Women’s needs and passions change as they go through life. The purpose of our Women’s Ministry is to meet one another’s needs at all ages and stages of life, to use our God-given gifts to serve one another, and to encourage one another through fellowship and Bible study.
INFLUENCE, a multi-generational Women’s Ministry, existing to fulfill Christ’s Titus 2 commandment for the older generation to INFLUENCE those younger in the faith in that which is good.
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