Upcoming Easter Services

Come Celebrate Christ with us during our Easter Services!
Good Friday Service, March 30th @7pm. Communion will be served
Easter Sunday: April 1st @7:30am & 9:30am. Cinnamon rolls, juice/coffee will be served following the Sunrise Service. (There will be no Adult or Children’s Sunday School.)

A Journey Towards Easter

Join us as we “Journey Towards Easter” in a daily reading of God’s Word!
Sun., March 18: Read  John 16:5-18  Going to the Father
Mon., March 19: Read  John 16:19-33  Grief turned to joy
Tues., March 20: Read  John 17:1-26  Prayer for Disciples
Wed., March 21:  Read  Matt. 26:30-46 Garden of Gethsemane
Thur., March 22:  Read  Matt. 26:47-50 & John 18:1-14  Jesus arrested
Fri., March 23:  Read  Luke 22:54-65  Peter’s denial
Sat., March 24:  Read  Mark 14:53-65  Jesus before High Priest
Sun., March 25: Read  Matt. 27:1-10  Remorse of Judas
Mon., March 26: Read  Luke 23:1-12  Pilate & Herod
Tues., March 27: Read  Matt. 27:15-26  Barabbas
Wed., March 28: Read  John 19:1-18  Jesus before Pilate
Thur., March 29:  Read  Luke 23:26-43  Crucifixion
Fri., March 30:  Read  Matt. 27:45-50 & John 19:28-30  Death on the cross
Sat., March 31: Read Mark 15:38-47  Burial of Jesus
Sun., April 1: Read  Matt. 28:1-15 & John 20:3-31  The empty tomb