Missions Commission

The Missions Commission exists at Liberty to help send individuals from within and outside our church family to demonstrate the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of love with the ultimate goal of introducing individuals to Jesus Christ, equip them in the faith and establish churches that have the same aim. The group meets monthly to pray for missionaries from Liberty. We take time at each of the meetings to get to know our missionaries and hear about activities that are relevant to their lives through email, letters, videos, and first hand reports. If you have an interest in learning about the needs of people who serve in ministries around the globe, please come on the last Sunday of the month to Liberty’s Library or contact the church office for more information.
Guillermo & Marcia Aguilar:  Venezuela 
Arlys Bohnker:  EFCA Phillippines
Joab Lahara:  India 
Ron & Amelia Den Hartog:  Omaha, Nebraska 
doss Mark & Carol Doss:  EFCA Central District Church Planter 
Pathways of Pella:   Pella, Iowa 
Ritch & Susan Trca:   EFCA-Czech Republic
Al & Edie Lewis:   EFCA Missionary 
Ron Glynn:  Awana Missionary 
hiddenacres  Hidden Acres:   Dayton, Iowa